Steel Plant

The steel plant in Antara Steel Mills was established in 1993 with an 85-MT Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) to produce billets. The Ladle Furnace (LF) was installed as part of our quality improvement program to produce high grade billets.
With a 6-strand Continuous Casting Machine, the steel making facility in Johor Bahru has enabled Antara to achieve a billet production of 700,000 tonnes per annum.

Types of product that it produced are:

  • Billet Mild Steel (MS)
  • Billet High Tensile Vanadium (HTV)
  • Billet High Tensile (HT)

Operation production at Steel Plant was operated in 2 alternatives:

  • 3 syift (0700-1500, 1500-2300, 2300-0700) with production avarage 18 heat per day
  • Off-peak (2200-0800) with production avarage 8 heat per day

Steel Plant Process


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