Rolling Mills 2

Rolling Mill 2 or known as Section Mill starts their commercial operation on 1995 with producing capacity:

  • 250 000 metric tan per year

Types of product that it produced are:

  • Mild Steel Round Bar (MRSB) - (R16 - R40)
  • High Tensile Deformed Bar(HTDB) - (Y10 - Y40)
  • Angle Bar- (50m - 100)
  • Flat Bar

Rolling Mill 2 can be divided with 5 sections with its own function:

1. Walking Hearth Furnace
Rolling mill 2 Reheating furnace with a maximum capacity of 60 MT/hr was originally designed and manufactured by UTAB Ungsbolaget Tabo AT, Sweden in 1972. In 1994, however, the furnace was redesigned to accommodate for a regenerative combustion system by Wesman Engineering Co. Ltd. India, a licensee of North American Co.Reheating furnace at Section Mill is from a Pusher Type Reheating Furnace. The main function of this is receiving a billet and reheating again to a temperature before billet entering rolling section. The process in this section starts by checking the billet length and pieces of billet. It’s necessary to make sure the numbers of billet entry in furnace is the same when it exits. After that, crane will put up and carry out the billet to charging grade and pushed into Reheating by using Hydraulic Pusher. It can recover 12 pieces in one time. The billets reheat in two hours. This machine able to covered 245 pieces in two hours with temperature has set to 1250 Celsius (most lowest) and 320 Celsius degree (most higher).

2. Blooming Stand

The blooming mill basically consists of:
     i. Lauthsches 3-high stand
     ii. Dropwalls
     iii. Tilting table behind the stand

The roll dimension for the Lauthsches 3-high stand is 720 mm dia X 2100 mm. The stands are designed in a closed of construction. The rolls and their bearing chokes are shifted one sided out of the stand area. The stand is driven by 2 AC motors with a capacity of 590 kW (730 rpm) each.

3. Medium Stand
The medium mill basically consists of:
     i. 4 three-high stands (M1 to M4)
     ii. Dropwall infront of M1
     iii. Tilting table in front of and behind the stands
     v. Skid transfer across the mill

The roll dimension for the M1 to M4 stands:
M1 : 600 mm dia x 2150 mm
M2 - M4 : 550 mm dia x 1500 mm

4. Semi Continuos Stand
The light section mill 2 basically consists of:
     i. 2 sets of three-high stand ( S1 & M1 )
     ii. 6 sets of two-high stand ( S2 - S7 )
     iii. 3 units of pinch roll
     iv. 3 sets of repeaters
     vi. CV 30 shear

The roll dimension for the S1 to S7 stands:
S1/M1 : 550 mm dia x 1500 mm
S2 - S7 : 420 mm dia x 600 mm

5. Light and Medium Section Cooling Bed
Rolled bars of various length from the finishing mill will be cooled beginning from the run-in roller table at the cooling bed. Subsequently, raked bars at the cooling bed will be conveyed to the run-out roller table which will eventually be transported to the disappearing stop at the end of the roller table behind the cold shear. Bars will then be cut by the cold shear according to the desired length depending on the sales requirement ranging from 6 m to 13 m.

6. Bar Handling

Bar Handling is focus on Quality Control. Basically, both the light and heavy section bars are checked for their quality during the process (before cold shearing) once per every 20 minutes.
The detail dimension, tensile strength and straightening of the rolled bars are checked before bundling. All straightened angle bars shall be visually inspected by Straightening Operator before packaging.

 RM 2 Rolling Process

Round Bar


Big Angle ( 65 mm & > )


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